Who is Qualified?

Hearing From God 

The point is hearing from God for your selves as Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Elijah, Jesus and Paul has is irreplaceable. There are many who are in ministry or business because someone prophesied over their lives, not because God spoke to them! Some people think their years of attending the gathered Church replaces the voice of God. Others think the words of man replaces the voice of God. But I cannot emphasise to you enough your service to God, even the most anointed preached in the world, cannot replace the voice of God!  

Almost every professional in Africa is a pastor, this is a major error. I advised a very wealthy sister in the Lord once, who sought my advice. I said to her ”don’t let them ordain you as a pastor you are not called to be one. You don’t need it to fulfil what God has called you to do!” She did not listen. Today she running around with an oil that was meant for someone else. I am in ministry today because I entered my burning bush. I pray that you will experience God.  

The Man of God is a man whose origin is God, whose identity is in God, whose authority is in God. He is the man who cannot be shaken even by death.  

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