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Before God Whom I Stand

The third meaning of “Man of God” can be illustrated with this: My finger is part of my hand, and my hand is part of my body. In the same way, the sleeve of my suit is part of my suit. So, the Man of God is inextricably connected to God. The phrase Man of God is the expression of commitment to the relationship. The Man of God is united and connected to God. He is one with God. The Bible says, “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17).

You know, when Elijah met Ahab, he said, “…the Lord God before whom I stand…” (1Kings 17:1). What that means is, “Me and God are together. As I am talking to you, He is with me. You cannot see Him, but He is here. I am standing with Him. I am not talking to you in the energy of my flesh. I do not visit His presence; I live there. Other people pray to see God; but I live with Him.”

Notice that the phrase, “Before God whom I stand,” is present tense not past -“I stand.” While many people bother about how many hours they could pray in a day, prayer is a natural part of the Man of God.
The Man of God is the man who prays as if he is breathing. He prays like he is drinking water. Worship, intimacy, relationship with God, for him, is not an incident but an atmosphere. It is not something he goes into and comes out of; it is an atmosphere. The Man of God is not the man who prays because it is time to preach. The fact is that most pastors do not pray until it is time to preach. The fact is most Christian business leaders only pray when they losing money.

The Man of God is not the man who studies the Bible only when it is time to preach. Most preachers do not study the Bible for themselves anymore. They only study to look for what to preach. Just last year, I enrolled into a higher program of theological and Biblical studies. I am thirsty for God! I am hungry for His bread. Today you cannot even get 50 Christians to complete a program in Biblical studies.

Get this: When the real Man of God appears, people feel God. They sense God when they see him. They feel God when they encounter him. They experience God when they meet with him. They can hear God’s voice inside his voice. When they look through his eyes, they can see God.

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