Owned by God


Beloved, I do not want to be a preacher, a pastor or a teacher. I want to be so connected to God that demons cannot stand me. I have experienced a little measure of it, but I want to see more.

I received a phone call some time back, a young man was tormented by fear, a demon that told him “I will kill you if you sleep”. At the moment I worked into the room, immediately the spirit left him. Having no sleep for over 24 hours, the boy fell into a peaceful sleep. I was in a restaurant with my wife enjoying simple lunch, during my Bible school days. A man came up to me and said, “I see God all over you.” I have experienced little of God, and I want more of Him.

Real Men of God are the ones that will change our generation; not just preachers and pastors. Elijah did not say, “If I be a prophet;” he said, “If I be a Man of God.”

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