Hearing from God

Owned By God

Again, what does the phrase MAN OF GOD mean? Look at the analogy of saying, “That is the house of Paul. That is the house of David or the House of Gucci.” In each case, you are describing these things in the possessive sense. The house of Paul or the car of Shan means the house or car is owned by the respective.

In the same vein, the Man of God is the man owned by God. That is, he is the property of God. The man has ceased to own himself. He is the property of God. He belongs EXCLUSIVELY to God. This is what only a true man of God can lose every and still be happy. Only a true woman of God will never steal the glory that belongs to God.

The man of God does not live for himself. He has no say in his life and Ministry, his business. He is under the direction and control of God. Abraham could have taken the greener pasture but freely he offered Lot the better land because he knew it was not where God directed him. In anger, Moses broke the Ten Commandments God give him because the people spiritually returned under the worship of foreign gods.

This is the man that makes full proof of Ministry.
You know that “his house” has no agenda of its own. And I am sure you have never seen a car driving itself. So the Man of God is the man whose personal ambition and agenda have died. Many beloved brothers and sisters don’t get this. The man of God has no longer any personal ambition. He no longer has a personal agenda. He is completely left to the dictates and direction of God.

Take a moment between you and the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to reveal to you the matters of your heart. Are you where you are because you are sent from God or sent by God? Are you a man or woman who is under God or your heart, is it still contending with selfish ambition. There is no greater freedom than the kind that fills your heart from the flames of the Burning Bush encounter. I would strongly advise you not to make any major life decisions until you have met with God.

A career or business path is not a personal choice for a child of God. One cannot say I love Jesus but lives with an unmarried unbeliever.

Dear child of God, make up your mind today who own your temple.

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