Consequences of Incomplete Proofs

Consequences Of Incompleted Proof

When your proof is not full, what are the consequences? These are the three things:

1. The world does not take you seriously.

The reason our unbelieving generation has not taken us seriously is that the proof is not full. For instance, the typical Atheist sees no difference between Christianity and black magic, a Pastor and a fraudster.      

2. Satan is not threatened.

When your proof is not full, Satan is not threatened by your life or Ministry. He knows you do not have enough proof.

3. The pull of people into the Ministry is not strong.

Nothing compels the attention of the multitude like proofs. When the proof is not strong, the pull is not strong. This is part of Jesus’s “witness” agenda for us –Full-proof Ministry was so everywhere He went, the crowd and the multitude gathered.In which areas of your life do you sense a conviction to fill your glass with more proof? The Holy Spirit conviction is to lead into the place of righteousness. 

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