Eternity’s At Stake – Printed Book


In this riveting book, Reyhana Thumbran tells her story of growing up as a Muslim within the melting pot of cultures in the ‘rainbow’ nation of South Africa. Her feeling of being somewhat marginalized and not always understood persuaded her into a more fervent belief in Islam.  Rooted in her faith as a Muslim, it all unravelled suddenly when she encountered Jesus.  Although she was not looking for Him, He found her and the encounter left her with no option but to acknowledge the Truth of His Word that shone so powerfully into the depths of her soul, and caused scales to fall from her eyes.

Eternity’s At Stake, the real-life story of a Muslim woman’s miraculous encounter with Truth, is heartfelt and compelling, coupled with an addendum of apologetics and convincing arguments that drew her to Jesus.

Reyhana’s prayer is that, as readers embark on this Journey of Truth, Jesus will be revealed to them. His promise is that if they seek Him with all their hearts, He will be found by them.


This product will only be available end November 2021


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