Introduction to the Course Transform Your Marriage With These Choices

Marriage is hard. It requires work. And sometimes all of that hard work can feel as if it’s getting you nowhere. If you’ve settled for “good enough” in your marriage, if you feel hopeless, if you want to give up, or even if you’ve already quit trying, take heart. You can transform your marriage. In this course, you will learn how to make specific choices that will help you in every facet of your marriage; and, most importantly, you will discover why you have reason to hope for a transformed marriage in which you and your spouse can help each other grow into the people that God intended you to be.


Articulate why you have reason to hope for transformation in your marriage.

Explain how to make choices that will help you and your spouse more lovingly navigate conflict and past transgressions.

Explain what it means to choose unselfishness in your marriage.

Describe what true forgiveness looks like and how to achieve it.

Take steps to eliminate negative assumptions in your marriage.

Implement communication rules that will help you achieve positive communication with your spouse.

Move forward down a path that will help you achieve true intimacy with your spouse and transform your marriage for a lifetime.

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