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The world is disoriented to what makes a truly successful leader. The Bible has much to say to leaders. We have scrutinized the lives of effective leaders in light of God’s Word. In doing so, we identified several clear, biblical principles that lead to effective leadership. Those who apply God’s methods of leadership have profound results. Bookstore shelves overflow with leadership theories. We believe crucial leadership truths are being overlooked. Many Christian leaders are reading secular books and accepting their teachings uncritically. Much secular leadership theory is based on presuppositions that may appear sound yet promote ideas contrary to Scripture. They leave God out!Spiritual leaders who simply follow secular methods may experience some degree of success, but they will not rise to the higher level of leadership possible for true spiritual leaders. This course will distinguish between general leadership principles and spiritual leadership principles.The guidelines we present are for all  Christians who seek to be spiritual leaders. Holding a leadership position in a Christian organization does not make one a spiritual leader. Spiritual leadership is not an occupation… it is a calling. More and more people in “secular” occupations are taking their calling as spiritual leaders seriously, and they are impacting the world and extending God’s kingdom. Only when we understand leadership in light of God’s calling on our lives will we be equipped to lead effectively. God is not necessarily looking for leaders, He is looking for servants. (Isa. 59:16; Ezek. 22:30) When God finds men and women willing to be moulded into His servants, the possibilities are limitless. People are looking for someone to lead them into God’s purposes in God’s way.

People will follow spiritual leaders who understand God’s agenda & who know how to move them on to it.

Upon completing this course you will be able to clearly understand God’s call to leadership. You will be also challenged to accept the order to lead, whether you are a man or woman, whether you are called to leadership in the church, politics, business or any other area you are called to influence.

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